Happy clients make a happy matchmaker, read what they are saying about me!

Jeremy & Jordana

Sara, we are exited to tell you that we are getting married!

My life is better in every way for being with him. And to think, I never managed to date someone for longer than a few weeks before I met you.

I just wanted to throw out something positive for everyone in the trenches!

Steven & Laura

Steven and I are ENGAGED!!! We got engaged about two weeks before everything went crazy and shut down. So, you have another success story!

We are planning a wedding for September 9, (for now)

Dave & Jodi

Thank you Sara! We are very happy enjoying our honeymoon. You are the best!


J & S

Dear Sara

We often recommend people to go to you.

We would be happy for you to give a brief summary of our story with different names to advertise your success – how you matched two people originally from Israel, both opposite characters in personality but complement each other; both had same goals and aims and both were looking for someone for a long time. Thank you for your advice during the journey.

J & F

Hi Sara, it’s great to hear from you. I would be delighted to be a reference.

F. and are doing well. In fact, she and her son spent the month of July with me in Minnesota. We had a wonderful mini-vacation to the little town of Bayfield in Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior. We are in the early stages of discussing their possible move to Minnesota.

Thanks again for bringing the two of us together. It really is a match made in heaven.

Best wishes,

V & D

Hi Sara,

I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family ???? now we all can go back to normal schedules.

Just wanted to send you a quick update. David and I keep getting to know each other and so far everything is going great. It seems like we have similar set of values and we are on the same page regarding what we want. Bh I’m off to LA on November 10th until the 19th. I think my time in LA is enough to determine if we are a match and if so to see how we are going to do this (meaning having a travel schedule between Toronto & LA).

Thank you for being so great with us and I will send you an update from LA.

Stefan & Rina

Dear Sara,

I am officially off the market…forever! Rina and I will be eternally grateful to you! You were my angel in this process.





Dear Sara,

I am thanking you for giving Stefan the right advice about marriage and partnership. You have created a new man and I’m very thankful to you. God bless you for making people happy and building good Jewish homes!



Sara Malamud has brought my Prince Charming fairy tale to life. I was presented with a man who was beyond my best expectation. My life is complete today because Sara found my life long partner. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him; I’m so grateful and incredibly proud to be his wife. Vivien 05/08/2015


Thanks Sara… what a match you made – we are so happily married, and of course now we have a little bunchkin in the oven… Bob.


Dear Sara,

I am writing to ask that you not work on any new introductions for me at this time. I believe you hit the mark with the introduction to Anna, so she and I are continuing to see each other and I think it is safe to say that we plan to see where this takes us. I am extremely happy with her in every way…

Jerry and Nicole

Dear Sara, words can not express how grateful we both are. We are getting married on August/2017. A million thanks, you are the best! Jerry

Kim & Jordan

Thank you, Sara. We are so happy together and it never would have happened without your love and encouragement.

I would recommend Sara

I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life. I would recommend Sara from World of Singles to anyone with the commitment to finding their last first date.”


Hi Sara:

Thank you for this great advice. I knew you would respond quickly with wise counsel. You are correct: it is too early to raise the topic of relocation.

I have to admit, its seems to me that Jessica and I are in the early stages of falling in love, if that is possible from phone calls, texts, and e-mails. We have already planned out my visit for Nov 2 (the two of us and museums; we both love art), and Nov 3 (meeting her son; he plays chess, as do I).

I will send you an update when I return from the visit.

Many thanks for putting me in touch with Jessica. You certainly lived up to your international reputation as a shadchan.




Wedding day

Happy clients send their love on their wedding day!


Dear Sara Malamud,

An image speaks more than a thousand words. This is a photo taken on our honeymoon… Thank you so much for your fine work and effort, you will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.


I wanted to give you the great news – Jordan proposed last night! it was beautiful, romantic and creative. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. He is the perfect partner for me! We connect on all levels like I have never felt before. My heart and soul has found my forever.

Thank you.

Recent Success Story

Much love and many thanks for your help and especially for bringing F. into my life. H.J.


Dear Sara,

I promised an update with Max, so here it is…simply expressed…we have fallen in love. In a very short time period we have developed very special feelings for each other and although I would ordinarily be more reserved, our time and place feels very much predetermined. I am cherishing every moment we’re together and I truly believe we have the mutual esteem, admiration, and dream for a special, lasting relationship…I am hoping this dream becomes reality…What else can I say but thank you!!!! Happy Passover!


Dear Sara,

I thought I would take a moment to bring you up to date on an introduction you made one year ago. You introduced me to Garry. There was a connection right from the start. As time went by our relationship grew closer and closer. We have so much in common and love to do all the same things. During our interview on the telephone and when I signed up for the matchmaking service I felt that it was going to be the best investment I ever made. It turned out that I was right! We are getting married in January. Garry and I both wish to say thank you, for without you we would never have met…


Thank you, Sara for introducing me to this incredibly darling man who I am proud to call my husband. I tell all my Jewish single friends that they cannot pass up the opportunity to work with this fine organization. I am so grateful; it changed my life forever.


Dear Sara,

I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your advice, for your time, for listening, for always being available and of course, thank you for finding my soulmate. It was worth the wait. See you at the wedding, Yes!! We are getting married!


I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, but after a few dates with some great girls, I started to enjoy the whole process and after about 6 dates, I met Tamara, my wife. I would absolutely recommend Sara Malamud for her professionalism and dedication.


Well, you have to be patient, don’t you? You can’t rush into things, right? You have to follow your head, not your heart. And the list of “rules” goes on and on. I thought I was ready to meet someone and I convinced myself that telephone chat lines would do the trick. Boy, was I wrong. It was my mother who suggested a matchmaker and after asking around, she was told that Sara was one of the best. She disguised it as a birthday gift and told me that Sara would help me find my #1 guy. Well, she did – and it took just two months. My mother was right. Sara’s the best in the business. She’s got the experience – and I’ve got the husband to prove it!

Rabbi Bercovich

Sara, you have made two amazing shiduchs. Thank you!

Dear Sara, my life is whole today because you found my life long partner; I'm so grateful and incredibly proud to be his wife." An anonymous celebrity. 9/2014

I can say without any reservation that my decision to hire you was the best choice in my life. She is exactly what I was searching for. I would have NEVER met such a woman on my own! I am so lucky to have in my life, and can never thank you enough for making that happen." Larry/10/2014

Sara, I previously retained the services of two other search companies and without exception, you not only out performed but also truly added the personal touch that convinced me "the third time would be a charm." Kudos to you. Diana. 11/2014

Dear Sara, I am writing to ask that you not work on any new introductions for me at this time. I believe you hit the mark with the introduction to Anna and I are continuing to see each other and I think it is safe to say that we plan to see where this takes us. I am extremely happy with her in every way.

Thank you !

I will keep in touch.


Thank you so much for introducing me to Jay– he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type! I would have never met him without your wonderful service. You’ve matched me with some great men, but this one won my heart. Please put my membership on hold, and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming wedding bells! Esther.

Sara is a warm, compassionate woman. She does a brilliant job! She tries hard and is genuinely concerned with her clients. My opinion as to any one individual's success in trying to find their "besheret" is know what you want, be realistic, be ready to travel, make sure your own house is in order (physically, emotionally, spiritually) If you follow this, Sara will find you the right person. She has a good feel for matchmaking, better than anyone I've ever met. Liora.

Hi Sara It's been a long time since I wrote to you and I want to wish you a very happy and sweet new year. Al and I celebrated Rosh Hashonah together today. So.....we are very much in love and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for getting us together. I am eternally grateful! Sincerely, Rachel.

All it took was one introduction. Sara listened to what I wanted and found it. We have been dating for six months. I am in love again!" Michael.

Contacting A World of Jewish Singles was one of the best decisions I have ever made! An hour conversation with Sara followed by the completion of a comprehensive profile and I was on my way. Two weeks later I started contacting clients, and I had wonderful dates. Every lady was outstanding and I continue correspondence with quite a few. Then I hit gold!! On February 12, 2012, I had a date with a lady that I feel is my soul mate. Last week I took her to Bora Bora and asked to marry me. Sara did not simply throw bodies at me, but rather she carefully analyzed my needs and desires and went about searching her extensive data base for ladies that offered me the potential for a life time partner. Thank you again Sara. Maurice.

Thanks Sara... what a match you made - we are so happily married, and of course now we have a little bunchkin in the oven... Bob.

Dear Sara, words are not enough so please let me know if you are free September 3rd 2012, we are sending you the ticket to come to our wedding in London. I am so glad you insisted . You have the magic touch and our family is so excited about meeting you, I have told them so much about you! Love. Deborah.

HI Sara, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been seeing Alex for 3 months now and it’s going great- I had Passover with his family. Thank you!!! Erica.

For the first time in the Jewish dating service scene someone really "got it right". Sara you have been very competent and effective with my matches. Your personal style of matchmaking has placed me with matches that I feel are potential long term relationships, not a waste of time like other match-making agencies. I have tried other agencies that make promises, however they fall short. Sara,you make A World of Jewish Singles the best dating agency because of your traits, professionalism and expertise as a match maker. I have recommended several of my friends and business acquaintances to contact you. Some of them already have joined and others are considering it. Thank you for all that you do!" Your biggest fan! Jay.

I wanted to send you a quick note emphasizing what a pleasure it has been to work with Sara. You have a unique blend of empathy, warmth and work ethic making you well suited for the delicate business of Jewish match making. Jonathan.

Sam and I are now a few months down the line and I'm happy to inform you with the news that we are getting married. Although we'd talked about getting married it had been rather vague so it was out of the blue when he proposed to me last week it really took me by surprise. We would like to send a big thank you to Sara Malamud from World of Singles for bringing us together – You have our permission to publish this email, we want everybody to know what a fantastic matchmaker you are. It took me so long to sign up , remember? Well, I guess it was the right time otherwise I would not have met Sam! Danielle.

Thank you World of Singles, thank you Sara. I am over the moon. He is Jewish and tall. He is everything I ever wanted. I thought my wish list was too long but you managed to find him. I agree with Judith, you are more than a matchmaker, you became a friend. Alyson.

We are continuing to see one another exclusively. She is a beautiful, quality woman and we have discovered that we same values and some different interests ( so I listened to you on this one ) I feel very fortunate to have met her and I thank you for your effort. Daniel.

A great service- Sara Malamud really understood what I was looking for in a man and didn’t accuse me of being too fussy (which I thought I was!). On the third attempt, she hit jackpot! David and I have been together for 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier! Mindy.

Dear Sara, Helen told me that she had informed you about "us" - and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for that. Unfortunately, I haven't got (or they haven't been invented...) the right words to express how happy a man your assistance has made me. You have actually found a real real angel for me to change my "existence" into "life" again. Since I had the honor to meet Helen, I can't stop my mind of admiring this wonderful lady and the only thing I do regret is that it had to take so many years to finally becoming alive and learning what real happiness means. Be blessed and blessed again, and let me just again and again thank you for this wonderful gift of love you have brought to me (and if I may say, to us...) Should you just be lucky and healthy to arrange more such heavenly matches and should your Calendar be full of invitations to such weddings! Paul.

You are honestly so sweet and I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate your unending efforts and am so glad I found you to work with. Nicole.

I cant begin to tell you how much your coaching has helped me. You have a gift Sara! Amy.

I wanted to meet people who share the same interests and are like minded as me. It’s not about the money, it’s about being matched up with the right person at the right time at where I am in my life, and the return on my investment of time versus quality. I was not looking for quantity at my age, I was looking for quality and Sara Malamud provided me with exactly the woman I was looking for. Joe.

Having a Matchmaker is the same as having a personal trainer. We’re all talented to date, when you do it on your own, you can’t see how you’re performing because you have nothing to screen yourself with. With Sara Malamud working with you, she provides feedback, tell you things you’re doing well or not doing well, which is acceptable, so that we can grow. With Sara coaching you in the background, you can decide whether or not those qualities make you want to modify your behavior when meeting a potential match. Sam.

We were matched based on shared family values, compatible life goals, and so many other considerations that were important to us both. Now we have friends who have made the same initial call to Sara Malamud. Ellen.

I can tell you that I feel really happy because I finally can enjoy what I expected during all my life - a mature relationship of respect, loyalty and communication… his three kids are going to join us as a possible new family. Thank you so much Sara! I have never been so happy during all my life. Adam.

Hi again Sara, Leah is turning out to be everything you said she was -- even better. She's loaded with personality, knows herself well, and -- what a sweetie pie. Thank you. To think I almost let this opportunity slip away. The next logical step seems to be a coffee date in London. Can you believe it? Richard.

Sara Malamud is intuitive and assertive, she knows what you want and she goes for it! Charles.

If you want the best, you hire Sara Malamud. Barry.

When you hire Sara Malamud you deal with her, not with a secretary in her office. Carol.

I was willing to spend money and time to find myself a Jewish bride because keeping a Jewish home was that important to me. I found Sara Malamud's website on line. I liked what she said about life partners and she's had years of experience to back up her business. I just sent her an email and the rest is history. Who would have thought that a bloke from Melbourne would end up with a "nice Jewish girl" from New Jersey? Sara says that this is what she lives for – and I for one, know that she means it. Matt.

My boss recommended Sara Malamud. He had tried other matchmakers and went out on a few dates, but with very little "mazal". Sara is uniquely different. Long conversations on the phone, detailed emails asking us who we "really" are – and what we "really" want. And there's more. Sara doesn't give up. She doesn't walk away, even if you've given up. In her own words, "There is someone for everyone. You just don't believe that … yet." Sara was right. Now I know she was worth waiting for. Francois.

Murray and I were tired of Internet dating. I knew that if I wanted a serious relationship, it was going to be through a matchmaker. Sara came highly recommended through a friend. All I knew was… Sara Malamud knows her business and you can trust her. Well, I was in Washington and Murray was in London. Neither of us could up and leave, but Sara had a good, gut feeling and she encouraged us to write. So, we wrote, we talked, we met… and after a few shorts months of a long-distance romance, I decided it was high time to… go to London and visit the Queen! By the way, Murray and I got married last year and Sara was at our wedding. Suzanne.

I have searched high and low for a service like yours and am so glad I found it. Congratulations on such an excellent work. Thank you for all the effort you have put in to make other peoples lives happier! Daniel.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the personal attention and concern you have exhibited.. You have demonstrated these qualities in spades, as well as a good understanding of human nature. I never had any trouble getting dates, but I just could not find the person who is my soul mate on my own. Since I am a busy professional, I did not have the time to sort through the crowd or internet dating sites to find her. We just got engaged Sara, we are planning to get married in 6 months and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep the good work. Robert.

Dear Sara, Thank you for taking the initiative to reach out to me! I was on the verge of writing to you with my decision, truly, and thank you for making the first move. You are a warm and remarkable woman, and a person with whom I do feel very comfortable. You have the gift of communicating beautifully over the phone and on paper, and I understand why you are so successful at your chosen profession! Thank you for the blessing of our very heart-warming phone call. I felt as though I made a new friend. Blessings upon you, Sara! Matt.

I want to recommend Sara Malamud to you. Her service is just great; like no other!! very professional, very successful, and very helpful. She was of great assistance to me, and I suggested writing this letter to tell others. My own personal search was met with spectacular success, and Sara was instrumental in making it possible. She proved to be completely discreet, thoughtful, wise, a source of good ideas, a frank and useful counselor, and somebody who produces positive results. Sara’s range of contacts is amazing, and clearly, she works hard to make her service to others a success. Sara Malamud merits your most serious consideration for what she can do in your life. Results, like everything in life, are not guaranteed, but if you work with Sara in good faith, you have every reason for optimism. Keep at it, and best wishes for success in your very important search. Rachel.

I spent a lot of money in different matchmakers. They just took my money and made promise after promise. Sara did exactly what she said she would, and she did it fast, I met my wife six months after I joined World of Singles. Joshua.

I wanted someone now. I just got tired of spending hours online talking to geeks and guys who couldn't even spell 'commitment.' I wasted a lot of money and time in the internet dating sites. I needed a friend like Sara Malamud who could help me find the nice Jewish guy that I had been looking for. When I look at my husband, I thank Sara for finding him. Sarah.

Sara was wonderful to work with. She challenged me to think through my goals, introduced me to several different people until both of us really understood what I wanted in a companion and then spent her time making sure I didn't waste my time with the wrong type of person. She is the best. In a much shorter time than I expected, I met my wife and we are now happily spending the rest of our lives together. Jeremy.

I wish to strongly recommend Sara Malamud. The quality and selection of the women I’ve been recommended and introduced to are way beyond my expectations. The women I have met have been intelligent, attractive and well spoken who are all looking for that special guy. Scott. 2/7/2012

I’ll be happy to help. I started the process in the summer and much like you I asked for references. To date, I have not found the person I am looking for but I can tell you I have been very impressed with the quality of people Sara has come up with. I will say this though, at the time I was warned by one of the references that it takes time, and I would tend to agree based on my own experience so you should be ready for that. I can tell you found Sara to be extremely smart in her choices, when I met her I saw just how seriously she takes her job and how discrete and sensitive she is. So I can absolutely say I am very happy with my choice of hiring her. I’m a professional with very little time on my hand so having expert help was the prime reason I chose this path and I found that in most cases the prospects Sara proposed had a lot of potential. I hope that she comes up with Mr. right soon but just knowing how hard she is trying is already a relief for me. Danielle.

Sara Malamud was full of energy and seemed to be tireless. She did get me to think somewhat differently about what was important and what I was looking for in a partner. She really opened my eyes and forced me to deal with important issues, rather than the baggage I was carrying from my previous marriage. I've recommended her to several people and never heard a complaint. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience and will successfully find the right person by working with Sara. Allen.

I hired Sara Malamud as a matchmaker after my brother insisted for one year! Sara has the most up-beat and "can do" spirit of anyone I have ever met. Lisa.

I will be forever grateful to you. I'm so thankful to have placed my trust in you and your matchmaking process. We are so happy. Karen.

Sara Malamud is a total joy to work with, and has a ''sixth sense'' about who will like each other – I encourage Jewish singles who don’t want to be, seek her service. My friend and I joined at the same time (we got a discount ???? ) and we both found love. Linda.

I am going to Zurich this weekend to choose an "official" engagement ring and meet one of Avi's daughters. I honestly cannot believe all of this is happening to me Sara - he is just the most wonderful man I have ever met. Friends and family are truly over the moon and poor guy, he is being vetted!! He has passed with flying colours so far but it is my turn this weekend from his side. Sara.

Dear Sara I cannot express how happy I felt after meeting you. This is so important to me and for the first time I feel that I am in the hands of a true professional! I really hope that at the end of the this adventure you will have helped me find a wonderful partner to build yet another family that you can take pride. Helen.

Sara, I do not stop being amazed how responsive you are especially given how many balls you are juggling in the air at once! Thank you. Jeffrey.

HI Sara! Hope you are doing well. I wanted to send you an email and let you know that Justin and I just got engaged. I couldn`t be happier. And neither could he…and my parents are just bouncing off the walls. Thank you for finding him for me. I (we) will forever be grateful. If you would be willing, please send me your address. We would love to send you a wedding invitation when the time comes. We would love to have you, but understand that it’s a long way to travel. However, his mother is dying to meet you. I told her that we might need to make a family trip to Israel to meet you at some point. Thank you again…. forever and always. B'Shalom, Hannah.

Dear Sara, From the moment you started working as a matchmaker for me you have been magnificent, it is remarkable to me how well you understand what men truly want. Thank you. Ed.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you - for introducing us to each other. I couldn't have done this without you. Marc.

He is a very caring, sensitive, and genuine person whom I plan to continue seeing. At times I feel as if we've been best friends for many years and have much in common. Thank you for a wonderful new addition to my life. Sandy.

After I lost my second husband two years ago, I was sure I wouldn't find a new life partner, but Sara Malamud changed all that. She helped me take the first step towards getting my life back together. The incredible thing is that through Sara, I met a delightful man, a recent widower. We've been dating for 6 glorious months! Thank you Sara — it's been a long time since I've had my feet … on the ground. Jodi.