Frequent Questions

Are all your singles Jewish?

Yes, all our singles are Jewish and cover a wide range of observance levels including Reform, Secular, Conservative, and Modern Orthodox.

What geographic areas do you cover?

My clients are from all over the world.

Do you have pictures of your singles?

Yes! There are no blind dates at World of Jewish Singles. You’ll be matched based on as many of your personal preferences as possible, and you will be given the option to approve or disapprove of a match based on his/her profile and photo. 

Do I get to talk to my match before meeting?

Yes, you get to talk to a match before meeting and it’s a great way to get to know each other and discover even more commonalities. Talking before is also a good ice breaker- it takes the pressure off so you feel more comfortable on your first date!

How does the service work?

As a career matchmaker, I value the opportunity to get to know my clients personally. I engage every potential client in a Zoom video call or hold extensive phone interviews with clients worldwide. This interview enables me to discover the specific wants, needs, desires, and family values of the client. This specialized matching process is tailored to accommodate individual preferences and geographic considerations of all of our Jewish singles.

Why should I choose World of Jewish Singles over another service?

While there are dozens of Jewish dating services to choose from, none provide the personal attention and care that A World of Jewish Singles provides. You can be assured that aside from you (and maybe your mother), there is no else more dedicated to finding your partner than I am. Successful matches are the foundation of my service, so your success is quite literally, my success. It’s a symbiotic relationship which I take very seriously. No, there are no guarantees that we will be successful, but if we’re not, you will know that I put my whole heart into the process and worked my butt off for you!

Why shouldn’t I use Internet dating?

There is nothing inherently wrong with internet dating, and many online dating resources can be quite satisfying, but most of my clients have tried that route and been unsuccessful at finding a suitable partner for a long-term relationship and marriage. When you choose A World of Jewish Singles as your matchmaking service, you are secure in knowing that every client comes into the process with the goal of marriage. I don’t run a dating service, my clients don’t pay me to find frivolous dates; every client is looking for a soul match, or at the very least, a happy partnership!

I do want to relocate, can you still help me?

Of course! Your search can be limited to any geographical location and we don’t expect you to flip your life upside to find a partner. We might even find someone who wants to relocate to you!

If I fill out the form, will you drive me crazy with emails and follow up?

I operate a highly professional matchmaking service. If after our phone conversation you decide not to go ahead with the process, you will not be bombarded with emails, phone calls, or hard-sell tactics. I only accept clients who are 100% committed to the process and for whom I believe success is imminent. If I have to “talk you into it”, I’m not interested.

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