A Jewish Matchmaker explains her process for finding your soulmate

Are you curious about secular Jewish matchmaking? Have you ever wondered if hiring a Jewish matchmaker is a good idea for you? In this month’s blog, I talk about the work of a secular Jewish matchmaker (me!) and how I help Jewish singles meet and marry the love of their life.

Secular Jewish matchmaking has taken off like gangbusters over the past 10-12 years. No longer limited to the ultra-orthodox who seek to meet and marry over just a few dates, secular matchmaking allows for a meet and marry timeline that is entirely dependent upon the wants of the couple and most singles expect the standard “getting to know you” dating cycle that defines most secular relationships. No one is rushing to get hitched – although couples who want children and are working with biological clock limitations may take a faster route to the chuppah.

The Profile

When you become an active client of World of Jewish Singles, you complete a questionnaire that gleans the basic information about who you are and what you seek in a partner; this information is incorporated into the profile that is shown to a potential match. Matchmakers differ in the information they ask on their questionnaire, but in general, the profile should serve as a brief introduction – not a detailed description of every aspect of your personality. Profiles shouldn’t be too wordy or too particular; which are turnoffs to most potential matches. Simple, straightforward, and reflective of your overall personality is the place to start with secular Jewish matchmaking.

Along with the online questionnaire, I host Zoom calls with every potential client. Not only do I get more in-depth information about your wants and preferences, I can also see how you interact on the phone and will notice any oddities or extreme behaviors. I work with clients from all over the United States and Canada so it’s impossible to meet everyone face-to-face. Today’s technology eliminates that necessity. As I often say, the most important thing is that my clients meet each other – not that they meet me.