Gents, can we be frank? Can I be honest with you and share a woman’s perspective on this belief that women want a ‘bad boy’?  Yes, I’ve written of it before but it’s a misconception that I see over and over again, so it seems the topic is relevant and worth discussing. This post has been written for all the men out there who are tired of being dumped for being a ‘nice guy’ and believe that women want a ‘bad boy’.

I’m going to lay it on the line here, gents. I’m not pulling any punches, and I hope you will take this in the spirit that it’s being written – that of genuinely wanting to shed some light on this subject and hopefully, give some understanding to those great guys out there who have been told that you are ‘too nice’ and that this is the reason you are struggling to find a partner. Gents, it’s not that you are ‘too nice’; the truth (and most women won’t come out and tell you this because they don’t want to hurt your feelings) is that you lack self-confidence and self-esteem.

Wait..wait..wait…hear me out…I know some of you are internally resisting that statement and others may already be cursing me out loud and ready to stop reading this post…please continue…it is you particularly who can gain from this. If what I wrote is already touching a nerve and getting your defenses up, I think we’re on to something…

Gents, I’m speaking from personal experience and from the experiences of my female clients and my female friends (we do talk about you, you know?).