(An article about the female form might not seem to be related to relationships but make no doubt about it, the way a woman feels about her own body is intricately tied to how she interacts with others, how she feels about herself, and how relaxed and open she is in her romantic relationship. And although this article is geared toward women (sorry gents!), male readers can benefit from more clearly understanding the female form, embracing their partner’s natural shape and encouraging her acceptance of it, without comparisons to other females.)

When browsing YouTube recently, I discovered a beauty culture that focuses on five basic female body types and how to choose clothes, colors, accessories, and hairstyles that accentuate your specific shape to create your own sense of style. This was interesting and I learned some great styling tips, but what fascinated me most was the realization of how ridiculous it is to want someone’s else’s body type (which is impossible) instead of accepting, loving, and accentuating your own!

To be more specific, I want us to love the body that we’ve been blessed with instead of the constant comparisons to a shape that we don’t have and will never have! Let me give an example – let’s say you have a “Romantic” body type. A ‘Romantic’ has soft facial features and an voluptuous hourglass shape. A Romantic will never have a slender ‘model-type’ figure no matter how many calories she restricts herself to or how many kilometers she runs. So romantics can stop beating themselves up for not having boyish hips.  In addition, those long, angular model types (Dramatic) will never experience what it’s like to embody an hourglass figure with soft, ‘feminine’ curves. It’s just not gonna happen. And my point is, that’s okay! Let’s embrace our own type, play up the awesome features that we’ve been naturally given and stop trying to be something and someone else.

You’ll find plenty of online info on the five basic types (each basic type has ‘sister’ types, so there are actually thirteen total types), but I’ve provided a brief overview along with a celebrity example of each body type to get you started. I’ve also listed some links of channels that explain the concept in a concise and informative way, and give lots more examples. I’ve even linked to an online test for you can determine your own type.

Dramatic: 5’5” and taller, long, sleek, straight and angular body – slender and narrow with long legs and arms – angular body and face – when gaining weight, tends to be in the hip or upper thigh area – almond eyes, thin lips. will never have lush full facial features or an hourglass figure. Standard ‘model’ type. Example: Tilda Swinton

Romantic: Moderate to petite – 5’5” and under, soft and voluptuous, hourglass, curvy, small waist in proportion to hips and bust, fleshy arms and legs, small bone structure, small hands and feet (might be slightly wide), rounded facial features – lush, full and sensual eyes and lips, if overweight, will become more rounded with a fuller face. Will never be extremely tall or have a straight or boyish figure. Example: Marilyn Monroe

Natural: medium height – moderate to slightly tall up to 5’8” tall, slightly straight and angular bone structures with blunt edges, blunt, angular facial features, moderate to large hands and feet – muscular body with somewhat flat hips and bust, long arms and legs- might be long-waisted, slightly broad, blunt, or irregular facial features – if overweight, the body stays straight- usually the midsection gets more broad but the body shape doesn’t become ‘curvy”. Will never have an hourglass figure or be extremely petite or tall, will not have symmetrical features. Example: Angelina Jolie

Classic: medium height between 5’4” and 5’7”, symmetrical bone structure tending toward sharpness, slightly angular, slightly straight body, moderately sized hands and feet – evenly proportioned waist, hips, bust – if overweight, the body remains symmetrical. Will not be extremely tall or extremely petite, will not have full and lush facial features. Will not have an hourglass figure.  Example: Grace Kelly

Gamine: 5’5” and under – angular, sharp, narrow, delicate bone structure. hands and feet are moderate to small and tend to be narrow. Tends to be flatter in bust and hip area and not a very defined waist. Long arms and legs, shorter torso. large eyes, moderate to thin lips – if overweight, it will show in the hips and waist areas. Will not be over 5’5”, will not have large bone structure, will not have an hourglass figure, will not be symmetrical in facial features. Example: Audrey Tatau

Great Explanation of the yin/yang of body types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt4Xd6pL9vE

Most important elements of the body types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPcATRoZPJE

Body Types Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLIuYHLzZpM

What is your body type? http://expressingyourtruth.blogspot.com/2013/02/kibbe.html

Tips for the questionnaire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97sFd1aeYK8

Ladies, I hope this info helps you to connect with, accept, and relish your beautiful body just the way it is, whichever type you are!