YOU are!

That’s right!

The biggest obstacle to success is YOU!

Let me ask you:
Are you still searching for your soulmate?

Are you absolutely and utterly satisfied with being single?

* YOU create your own game plan.

* YOU design your own lifestyle.

* YOU are responsible for your own RESULTS and SUCCESS.

And, you know what?

* YOU can do anything you want.

* YOU are in control of your life and love

* YOU can achieve as much SUCCESS as you want to.



1. Let go of the stuff that’s holding you back…

2. Stay away from people that don’t add much value to your life or support you.

3. Step out of your comfort zone and move forward.

And, I want you to know something…

You can also be happily married, if that is what you want….

Could it be that you only think it’s what you want? There are many possible reasons why a person might unconsciously desire NOT to be in a relationship and be their own obstacle to success. Some of them are fear-based, such as the fear of getting hurt again or the fear of intimacy or feeling vulnerable, or even the fear of losing one’s own identity in “coupledom”. But there are also non fear-based reasons that a person might not really want to get involved again. Relationships take a lot of energy and require compromise and putting the needs of another person at least on the same level as your own needs. Being single lets you focus only on your own wants/desires and you get to do exactly what you want to do and to do it exactly how you want to do it. That can be a tough thing to let go of in exchange for a relationship.

Determining if you are unconsciously holding yourself back from a long-term relationship requires serious introspection and the ability to be objective and look at yourself with no masks.

Can you do it?

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