A Jewish matchmaker explains how to save the world

As we bid farewell to 2019 and welcome 2020, we are ringing in a new year, and a new decade. One thing that I want all of you to understand as we move forward it is that love is your superpower.

What does that mean? That no matter what is in front of you to handle, using love as your superpower is the most elevated way to respond.

The Vibration of Love

According to many sources, love is the highest vibration in the universe. It is a healing force that promotes well-being, positive growth, expansion, serenity, and fulfillment. I’m a Jewish matchmaker working with Jewish singles so love is a constant topic and focus. But I’m not referring to romantic love. The larger umbrella of love encompasses all types of love and doesn’t compartmentalize. When your soul, your heart, your body and your mind are emitting the supreme vibration of love, love is your superpower and it will change your world and the world of those around you.

Of course, down here in the concrete jungle, it is a challenge to remain in such a high vibration. We see disappointment, pain, sadness, and loss. The world around us contains despair, war, racism, violence, and lack of empathy. There is so much pain that can’t possibly be ignored. So how do we use love as a superpower when we are surrounded by the very opposite?

Here is my secret. When I have a low vibrational thought, I catch myself and switch it to gratitude. From gratitude I elevate to love. This mental exercise transforms the heaviness in my heart and body to lightness – as though the weight that I was just carrying became a feather upon which I now float. I then transmit that feeling of love and gratitude toward whatever/whoever brought me down, and then beyond to the world. When love is your superpower you feel the difference!

Here’s a simplified example…

I was cycling the other day along a local bike path. One side of the path is for cyclists and the other for walkers, but walkers sometimes walk on the bike side. This is annoying and dangerous and I quickly became agitated (low vibration) when I had to navigate around a couple walking in the bicycle lane.

I felt the negative shift in my body that accompanied my negative thoughts of their rudeness, but I was aware of the shift. I switched my focus to what I was grateful for at that moment: the opportunity to be outside, my strong legs, my health, the fresh air. I projected that gratitude toward the couple with thoughts of how nice it was for them to be outside walking and enjoying the day together. This helped me to release my irritation and fill that space with love.

I also do this when I feel myself getting caught up in the tragedies of the world. I stop the mind chatter by thinking of something in my life that is wonderful. I expand it with thoughts of wonderful things happening on a global scale. Accepting that the world is evolving according to its own plan and observing with love and compassion is my goal. This is how using love as my superpower elevates my vibration. <3

Heading into 2020, I encourage you to try my method and to share your experience in the comments.

Love IS your superpower and it is transformative in every way.

Happy New Year!

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