A Jewish Matchmaker suggests relocating for love with intent

Relocating for love is one of the first discussions I have with a client. Widening the search to include singles who reside outside of your town, your state or even your country will certainly open up your options for love. But is relocating for love – and the long-distance relationship that precedes it – “worth the trouble”? Not only is it worth the trouble, if you approach relocation with intent – you can design a brand new life for yourself! Let me explain…

Most of the singles I’ve worked with who have been open to relocating for love don’t put much thought into it. Their main focus is the partnership – finding a compatible match regardless of his/her location, and once found, the focus shifts to getting to know the match and building a relationship. Long distance relationships are a challenge and there is an art to building and maintaining a healthy, monogamous, and trusting space where love can thrive even though you are building from a distance. Needless to say, today’s digital culture and various communication apps make this process about a million times easier than it’s ever been before. Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, etc…all provide video call service at no cost. Imagine how valuable a resource this would have been to couples just a handful of years ago! I’m certain that many long distance relationships that failed could have been saved with today’s technology. And that technology is what makes relocating for love a more viable option to consider in 2021.

Another big change is the complete shift that most workplaces (and workers) have experienced over the past year of the pandemic. A huge percentage of the workforce now works from home, which opens up even more opportunities for relocating without the stress of giving up a flourishing career or a job that you love to start from scratch in a new locale. You can take your job with you! For those who lost their job due to the pandemic and have to re-evaluate their options and their career path, relocating for love can allow for relocating to a place that may provide more job opportunities than where you now live.

For some, the pandemic and associated lockdowns have brought to light how much they dislike their current environment. Without the diversions of entertainment, dining out, clubbing, and other social activities, they have come to realize that they want a change – they are tired of the noisy, dirty city and dream of living in nature – or the opposite –  maybe they live in the country and want the convenience of a city. Some may finally be ready to relocate to another country altogether and finally live the dream they’ve put on hold all these years.

All of these factors go into the concept of relocating for love with intent. This means that before you start looking for a partner, you first decide where you want to build the next chapter of your life. It might be a location where you’ve always longed to live or it might be a fresh new idea in your mind. The point is to design the life you want – and the first place to start is location, location, location.