This month’s post explores ways that women can move into and stay in their feminine energy. Next month’s post will focus on men and masculine energy

If you haven’t yet read Feminine and Masculine Energy: Part 1, I suggest you start here and then come back to Part 2: Shift into your feminine energy .

Alright ladies, after reading last month’s post have you come to the conclusion (as I did) that you spend a lot of time in your masculine energy? Are you in ‘doing’ mode most of the day? Do you pride yourself on how focused and goal-oriented you are? Are you out there competing with the best of them and winning? All of that is awesome and I am not here to tell you that you need to retreat or take a backseat to anyone, nor am I telling you to stifle or bury your masculine side, only to be conscious of which energy you are in and whether or not it is benefiting you.

Masculine energy is great in the workplace and those times when you need to be focused and get something done. The rest of the time, allow your feminine essence to lead you. You will become a natural magnet to men who are leading with their masculine energy. Your feminine is like catnip to their masculine (and vice versa). Why do think think women are drawn to high powered, successful men? Because these men are deep in their masculine energy and it gets our feminine all hot and bothered! This doesn’t mean that a man needs to be a workaholic or a power monger to get our attention; a man who is decisive, proactive, and confident in himself and his abilities is more than enough to make us swoon.

On the flip side, feminine energy is creative, bonding, connecting, family, allowing the other person to lead, unity, healing, non-judgement, accepting, surrendering, yielding, passive (not weak), playful, lighthearted, laughing, non-competitive, collaborative, fluid, and empathetic.

So how do you shift into feminine energy?

First, get out of the compulsion to be ‘productive’ with your time. It can be challenging to do nothing when you are so accustomed to doing something, however, ‘doing’ is masculine energy, so allow yourself less ‘doing’ and more ‘being”.  Masculine energy is thinking, evaluating, logical and linear so move from your thinking/head space into your feeling/heart space. Feminine energy is emotions, feelings, connection and the senses; pleasing sounds, decadent tastes, intoxicating smells, stimulating touch, and visually beautiful images will connect you with your feminine.

Sing, dance, paint, write, create! Spend time with other women, spend time in nature, listen to uplifting music, eat healthy and nourishing foods, take long bubble baths (or steamy showers), swap the industrial soaps in your home with homemade artisan bars, rub luxurious oils into your skin, light scented candles, buy fresh flowers every week (then let your man take over that task once he sees how much pleasure they bring you), spend the day at a spa, and design your environment to be tactile and sensuous instead of functional and modular. Although you don’t have to wear frilly, girly clothing to be in your feminine, keep your tailored attire for the office and slip into something that is flowing, luxurious, silky, and moves. Not only will this type of clothing awaken your senses, it will awaken the senses of those around you. 

In short, laugh joyously, love generously, know your emotions and express them honestly, and remain open and receptive to all that life sets before you and you will be radiant in feminine energy.